Heartfelt letter to “my” senator on the occasion of his and his party’s near-total failure to cope with the present reality, almost as if they don’t realize how hopeless things look, how angry and afraid and desperate their own voters feel.

I really don’t know what else to do. Dear Senator Kelly: 1988: I was so ashamed of the way Dukakis let Bush use him as a punching bag that I stopped wearing my campaign button. Since then, I have not felt so queasy about the Democratic Party’s spinelessness. Until now. The 90s: Jon Kyl, sitting […]

We Are Building a Bridge to the 21st Century

The WordPress logo for this page really smacks you right between the hemispheres, doesn’t it? Yesterday I drafted a heartfelt letter to “my” senator, Mark Kelly. Probably I’ll post it here tomorrow. Meanwhile, please enjoy these Twitter stylings: Norman Mailer’s writing has its moments, but for the most part he’s kind of boring. Even when […]

Story Meets World

One thing that never gets old: The thrill of seeing one of my stories in print. “Water Striders” has starships, time dilation, 10K-yr clocks, rain on the roof, keys under mats, and gratuitous shoplifting. If you’re so moved, you can get it here.

I have a new short story in print.

My latest work of fiction, “Water Striders,” appears in the anthology Triangulation: Habitats from Parsec Ink. You can order it from that company named after a river. It’s an exciting thing for me. For several reasons. The call was for stories on sustainable housing, broadly considered. It gave me a way to write about two […]